Also, there’s going to be a 13-episode Green Eggs and Ham television show. Because everything that isn’t already getting a movie is getting a show.

Netflix has picked up the show, which is being produced by Ellen DeGeneres, for a premiere date that is three years away in 2018. Production is starting in May, and Deadline reports that it’s “expected to be the highest-end, most expensive animated program ever produced for television.” Yes, the next animated epic is going to be Green Eggs and Ham, a children’s book that is under a hundred pages long and only uses fifty words.


We must therefore assume that we’ll get the gritty tale of the trauma suffered by the narrator which made him so reluctant to try new things. And hours devoted to Sam-I-Am in therapy to deal with his compulsion to force friends and strangers to do his bidding.

The official press release came, of course, in rhyme:



In 2018, This Classic Book

Comes to TV with a Whole New Look

Beverly Hills, Calif., April 29, 2015 –

Issued from Netflix headquarters.

Delivered straight to all reporters.

We’d love to share some happy news

based on the rhymes of Dr. Seuss.

Green Eggs and Ham will become a show

and you’re among the first to know.

In this richly animated production,

a 13-episode introduction,

standoffish inventor (Guy, by name)

and Sam-I-Am of worldwide fame,

embark on a cross-country trip

that tests the limits of their friendship.

As they learn to try new things,

they find out what adventure brings.

Of course they also get to eat

that famous green and tasty treat!

Cindy Holland, VP of Original Content for Netflix

threw her quote into the mix:

“We think this will be a hit

Green Eggs and Ham is a perfect fit

for our growing slate of amazing stories

available exclusively in all Netflix territories.

You can stream it on a phone.

You can stream it on your own.

You can stream it on TV.

You can stream it globally.”

Cute. Still dubious that it needs 13 episodes.