Tonight's episode of Smallville features Green Arrow finally returning from the "wherever the hell he's been" limbo that the character has been languishing in since his informal Justice League decided to stop Lex's operations around the world. Although with that much superpower on a team you would have expected them to wrap things up a long time ago. Heck, Impulse and his speed powers could have taken care of it in an afternoon. Anyhow, he's back and he comes face to face with the Black Canary and her screaming O-face this clip above.

We're not sold on the eye-smudge makeup she wears in her Canary gear, which looks like it's a combo of Heath Ledger's Joker and Kristen Dunst from Marie Antoinette. But that "Canary Cry" effect ain't half bad. When did she develop such Wonder Woman-like powers of leaping, though? And were we the only ones out there hoping there might be a steamy love scene between Black Canary and Chloe? After all, the intrepid reporter keeps getting burned by boys. Maybe it's time she tries the other team. We're just saying.