It's really happening - the TV revamp of V, the alien-frenemy miniseries, is getting a casting call. But will they be casting fabulous 1980s-style actors sporting terrible shades?

The revamp is coming straight from The 4400 creator Scott Peters, a person we think perfectly qualified to recreate this series.


Spoiler TV has the run down on the series regulars for the scifi drama. We've already decided our favorite characters will be Chad the slutty good-looking guy, Tyler the nerd and Anna the hottie from afar. (Please make Anna wear a red jumpsuit.)

The sky is full of ships - enormous motherships from seemingly benign, very attractive humanoid aliens who just want to trade a lot of advanced technology for a little water — but whatever you do, don't trust them...

[CHAD DECKER] 28 years old, an Anderson Cooper wannabe, he's a newscaster with BBN, based in New York City. Amoral, ambitious, and a little slippery, Chad is intent on getting to the top of his profession in a big hurry. The kind of man who sleeps with the Vice President's press secretary in order to gain entree, Chad gets the Ultimate Source when he is tapped by Anna to become her steady outlet for information (propaganda) about the Visitors. Too ambitious to realize that he's going to become an unpaid sycophant, Chad doesn't question his good luck...SERIES REGULAR (3)

[TYLER EVANS] 16 years old, the son of Erica Evans, Tyler is an uncool kid who wants to be cool — or maybe he just wants to fit in, somewhere, anywhere. Deep in a state of teen angst, Tyler gets into trouble again and again, trying to crash parties where he is unwanted, and winding up in an ER. But when the visitors arrive, and Tyler's buddy Bryce scores some tickets to visit the Los Angeles mothership, Tyler thinks that the aliens just might fill the empty hole in his life...SERIES REGULAR (1)

[ANNA] 40 years old, Anna is the leader of the Visitors, and she's not only humanoid, she has flawless looks and a gorgeous figure. A woman who presents herself as a benevolent deity, with a soft-spoken tone of voice that is warm and soothing (but with a strangely harmonic tone), Anna is the front person for the aliens, and she's remarkably knowledgeable — about human culture, human languages, and media manipulation. Expert at wrapping pundits around her little finger, she decides that newscaster Chad Decker is the perfect careerist to carry her message of peace and prosperity to a wider world..sptv050769.SERIES REGULAR (13)


Check out the rest of the gang over at SpoilerTV. From what I can tell, it sounds like they are sticking to the cheesy tactics in this series. Let's hope that it is GOOD bad not Knight Rider bad.