Travis is a rather confused lad who isn't quite sure what he wants: his hot blond roommate, his semi-hot brunette best guy friend, or the hot older Christian lady who keeps trying to convert him. What the hero of Australian indie Demons in My Head is sure about is that the alien helmet he found in a meteorite is giving him special powers to conjure stuff up from another dimension. In this clip, Travis gazes longingly at a picture of the hot blond roommate, then uses his conjuring helmet to get . . . this (work safe) scene.

Really, I cannot convey to you the full atrocity that is this movie. Allow me simply to say that I had to choose between showing you this scene, and showing you one where Travis conjures up some alien soy milk in a box, along with a spiny fruit. Plus, the scenes of the aliens whipping Travis' gay roommate while drooling milk are priceless. As is pretty much any scene where Travis wears his helmet.

Demons in My Head