Greatest cliff-jumping, spin-kicking, brain-slicing monster smackdown in movie history!

Why is The Guyver 2 rated R? It's at least partly for these scenes of Zoanoid brain-scooping, hand-mangling and eyeball-splattering. Behold one of the most brutally violent rubber-suit martial arts fight scenes of all time!

The Guyver: Dark Hero isn't exactly a great movie, although it does have moments of greatness and it explains the mythos of the Guyvers way better than the first movie. Mostly, what it has is lots of fighting in rubber suits, interspersed with scenes where characters stand around talking to each other solemnly about whether they've got daddy issues or mommy issues due to being abandoned by their alien half-parents. It's sort of like a bigger budget film from The Asylum, but with slightly better acting and more overt Manga influences — which do actually help a lot.


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