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Ron Burgundy in space? Suddenly his final sign off quote "You stay classy, Planet Earth" has a whole new meaning. Paul Rudd, who plays sexy news beast Brian Fantana, says if Will Ferrell and Adam McKay were going to team up and write a sequel to Anchorman it may have a cosmic back drop. Please god let them make space movie. Click through for more details. In an interview with MTV, Paul Rudd hinted that in order for there to be another Anchorman they would need to take it to the next level.

"Last I heard they were starting to write it, and they were thinking about setting it in the eighties," Rudd said. "[But] I know when we were shooting it [director] Adam [McKay] said if they ever did something it would have to be really weird, like we were on the moon or something. I think it has to go even further if it was to work."


I hope this means that if they reprise singing a cappella "Afternoon Delight," Brick Tamland is actually riding a rocket crooning, "sky rockets in flight." [MTV]

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