NBC has named the actor who'll portray Chuck's missing father at the end of the current season, and he's definitely got a sci-fi pedigree. In fact, that might be why we're so conflicted about him.

Scott Bakula will don nerdish guise in his new role as Chuck and Ellie's missing dad for at least three episodes of the NBC show (Presumably, the three episodes that will also feature Chevy Chase as the man who stole his great ideas), and we're... torn.


On the one hand, Bakula's Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap remains one of our favorite time-travel shows (not least of all because of Dean Stockwell's garish and dated outfits as sidekick Al Calavicci), but on the other... Star Trek: Enterprise. I think you all understand where we're coming from with that one (Somewhere in between is his turn in the 1990s mini-series version of The Invaders, fittingly. It wasn't that great, but it wasn't that bad, either).

Depending on which Bakula turns up to the Chuck set - the stern, stiff Enterprise one, or the more charming and laid back Quantum Leap one - we're either looking forward to his episodes when they start in April, or hoping that Adam Baldwin can cover for the wit deficiency.

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