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There are so many ways to celebrate the grandeur of the King of Monsters. But author Jo Walton may have just found the best possible way.


Walton was asked, as part of a charity auction at Vericon, to write a sonnet on the theme of "Godzilla vs. Shakespeare." But she had so much fun with it, she wound up writing a bunch more, and they're all on her website.

Here's how "Godzilla vs. Shakespeare" begins:

i) Godzilla Vs Shakespeare

Up on the ramparts all await their time
Each heroine, the fools and knaves, each king,
Ready to catch our hearts, the play’s the thing
A cockpit where they arm themselves with rhyme.

The monster tries to hide, but shows through plain,
Behind a frond ripped up with giant claws
We see his scaly hide and gaping jaws
As Birnam tropics come to Dunsinane.

All rally to defend now, each with each,
Juliet with dagger, Richard on a horse,
Dear Hamlet with his poisoned foil of course,
Harry with swords and longbows, at the breach.


Read the rest at Walton's website, and please kick in some money to support Cittadini del Mondo while you're at it. [h/t Danny!]

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