Great New Casting For Scott Pilgrim

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The cast of Edgar (Shawn Of The Dead) Wright's adaptation of comic Scott Pilgrim continues to grow, and the most recent additions are worrying pieces of almost-perfect casting. Chris Evans as a lunkhead movie-star? Sold!

The movie, Scott Pilgrim Versus The World, adapts the entirity of Bryan Lee O'Malley's award-winning Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels - including the as-yet-unreleased fifth volume (Scott Pilgrim Versus The Universe, out next month) and the as-yet-unfinished untitled sixth - telling the complete story of twenty-something Scott Pilgrim, who has to defeat the seven ex-boyfriends of the object of his affections before he can date her. Or as complete as one movie can fit, at least. Michael Cera will play Scott, with Death Proof's Mary Elizabeth Winstead playing Ramona Flowers, she with the evil exes.

For those of us who adore the books, even Wright's immediately apparent awesomeness (Exhibit A: Spaced. Exhibit B: All of his movies. Should I continue?) wasn't enough to entirely dismiss fears that the movie won't live up to the original, but two pieces of casting news have gone a long way to quelling fears. Firstly, Chris Evans has signed on to play one of the evil ex-boyfriends, former pro-skateboarder-turned-actor and sellout Lucas Lee - And anyone who's ever seen either of the two Fantastic Four movies knows that he can do comedic egotistical asshole pretty well - but more excitingly, The United States of Tara's Brie Larson will play Envy Adams, Scott's ex, and, in Larson's words:

[T]he worst ex-girlfriend ever that you just can't get away from... [H]er basic purpose is to make his life miserable and she's a constant reminder of everything that he's not and he'll never be.


The fact that Envy is in the movie at all gives me stupidly nerdy hope that we'll get to see a cinematic version of this:

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Scott Pilgrim Versus The World begins shooting later this year.

Edgar Wright Draws A Formidable Lucas Lee For SCOTT PILGRIM! [Ain't It Cool], Brie Larson: Meet "Tara's" Teen Daughter [Teen Hollywood] (Thanks, Bryan!)


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Little Time Bomb

I hope Michael Cera surprises me with his chops. I've never seen him play anything but the same character in everything he's been in. I like him in all those things but he's not Scott Pilgrim like.