Gravity Falls Creator Alex Hirsch Has Signed a Netflix Deal

Mabel and Dipper Pines in Gravity Falls.
Mabel and Dipper Pines in Gravity Falls.
Image: Disney

Good news for fans of the late, much-beloved Gravity Falls, the animated Disney series about twins who spend their days investigating supernatural mysteries. That show’s creator, Alex Hirsch (aka the voice of Grunkle Stan), will be bringing brand-new content to a brand-new home: Netflix.

That’s about the sum total of the news so far—a press release from the streaming service notes that it’s a “multi-year overall deal,” which will see Hirsch “exclusively develop new series and features for Netflix,” specifically targeting Netflix’s adult animated division.

Those who are keeping up with their binge-watching will have already noticed that Netflix has been assiduously building out its animated slate; it recently debuted Matt Groening’s fantasy series Disenchanted, and earlier this summer it announced second seasons of Castlevania (coming Oct. 26) and Aggretsuko (arriving some time next year). BoJack Horseman will also be back on Netflix for its fifth season, starting Sept. 14. It’ll be interesting to see what Hirsch brings to the table, and of course we’ll keep you posted as we learn more about his Netflix projects.

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I want to be excited, but Disenchanted was such a disappointment that I don’t expect great show creators to make anything decent when they’re given so much creative freedom.