Grave of the Fireflies is among the best anime and best war movies ever made. Powerful and essential. Get the Blu-ray today for $13. [Best Buy]

We had a great deal on the Avatar graphic novels recently, and today you can complete your collection with great prices on the show. I finally got around to watching the whole series recently and yeah, it's really really good.

A Song of Ice and Fire 5-Book Kindle Set | $20

Game of Thrones Season 3 | $35

If you're like me, your iTunes gift card balance from the holiday season is starting to run dry. Here's a great chance to stock up again.

$100 iTunes Gift Card | $85

Today's deal on Sellout.Woot has everything you need to set up a basic home theater system. This Onkyo 2.1 channel setup includes an amplifier with Bluetooth, two speakers, and a subwoofer for $185 shipped. If you need some perspective, it currently sells for $400 new on Amazon, with fantastic reviews.

Refurb Onkyo LS3100 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker System | $185

If you own a phone, tablet, or laptop, there's a really good chance that Griffin makes cases and accessories for it. In honor of Mother's Day, they're offering 20% off everything on their site for Mother's day with promo code MOM20.

Pictured Above:

20% Off Sitewide at Griffin | Promo code GREEN20

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