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Call it Santa Claus Year One if you want. Or even All Star Santa Claus. However you choose to describe Grant Morrison’s new Klaus comic for Boom Studios, chances are it won’t possible convey the insanity of the barbaric, bloodstained St. Nick in the above cover of issue #1, carrying a deer carcass.


I supposed I should clarify. Although I called Santa “St. Nick”, Comic Book Resources says Morrison will “[reinvent] Father Christmas as a crusader against injustice and a rough-and-tumble, Conan the Barbarian-esque superhero. The series draws upon early Viking and Siberian Santa Claus mythology.” Morrison says that the comic will be Santa’s origin story, detailing how he got his sleigh and other Yuletide accoutrements, as well as how he spends the rest of the year. You can get more details at the CBR interview, as well as catch some of Morrison’s obvious glee at turning Santa into a sword-wielding badass with a direwolf.

Klaus #1 debuts in November, so plan your stocking stuffing accordingly.

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