Grandma's a Bad Influence Even After Death in the Freaky Hereditary Trailer

Image: A24
Image: A24
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It’s an amazing time to be a horror fan, with Get Out up for multiple major Oscars, and a new strain of deeply creepy, artistically innovative, psychological/supernatural thrillers popping up in theaters. On the heels of films like mother! and The Killing of a Sacred Deer comes Hereditary, which earned raves at the recent Sundance Film Festival.


The first trailer for Ari Aster’s debut feature film—which stars Toni Collette, who played another memorable horror-movie mom in The Sixth Sense—is cryptic yet horrifying. The mother of Collette’s character, an apparently very hands-on grandma, has just passed away... but it’s very clear that her spirit still lingers in some very malevolent ways.

Hereditary is due out June 8, just in time to cut summer’s heat with some goosebump-inducing chills.

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Data Chandler

I don’t know if what I’m talking about has a name, but this is one of the best “trailer endings” I’ve ever seen.

Her eerie phrase (“I just don’t want to put anymore stress on my family”), then looking right into the camera as that ticking clock sound starts, and then the cut to the beautifully creepy title card, combined with that haunting score going crescendo...

Jesus christ. That’s some magnificent editing. This movie looks amazing.

(And is it me or is that liddle girl oddly weird looking?)