Grammy Voters Forced to Figure Out Which Stranger Things Soundtrack Is Better

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

Stranger Things got two Emmy nominations this morning, both in the same category: Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media. Poor Stranger Things is going to split the vote against itself, isn’t it?


Stranger Things did have a great score, but it also had so much of one that it was released in two volumes. Both were nominated and now a win for Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (half of the band S U R V I V E) depends on Grammy voters agreeing on which volume was better. Here’s the full category:

Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media:

Bridge Of Spies — Thomas Newman, composer

Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight — Ennio Morricone, composer

The Revenant — Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, composers

Star Wars: The Force Awakens — John Williams, composer

Stranger Things Volume 1 — Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, composers

Stranger Things Volume 2 — Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, composers

Or the voters could just go with the most famous name on this list, the venerable John Williams.

You know what other piece of genre art is splitting a category this year? Suicide Squad, which has two songs in the Best Song Written For Visual Media category. “Purple Lamborghini” as performed by Skrillex and Rick Ross, and “Heathens” by 21 Pilots. Suicide Squad also got a nomination for “Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media.”

Well, we will admit that the music was one of the least bad things about the movie.

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If Force Awakens wasn’t called Star Wars, it would not be nominated for this. The soundtrack for that movie was either completely forgettable or music from previous films.