Grab Your Tricorders and d20s, Because Star Trek Is Returning to RPGs

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It’s called Star Trek Adventures, and there won’t just be a new table-top role-playing game, but a miniatures line as well.

The game comes courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment, makers of the Conan the Barbarian and John Carter of Mars RPGs, and will use its 2d20 system. You can play as human or alien, serve on a variety of ships, and the game encompasses everything from the original series to Voyager. The miniatures will utilize “geomorphic map tiles of Federation, Klingon and other ships, space stations, lost colonies, ancient ruins as well as dangerous and mysterious worlds to explore.”

You can get a lot more details on the game website here, which there’s also an informative FAQ. But this particular question and answer caught my eye:

8. How are you going to address the Prime Directive?

In Star Trek Adventures characters will have good reason to follow the Prime Directive, but as in the shows and films, sometimes this duty will be challenged. You will find out more in the playtest.


I like the idea of the Prime Directive being a major part of the game. The table-yop RPG and miniatures game will be released next summer, but attendees of this year’s GenCon who sign up for the beta test will get either a free Kirk or Picard miniature.

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Super not happy that i saw this announcement last night, and that they are like “Oh exclusive Kirk or Picard Mini at GENCON.”
Well frak dudes, I can’t get there, I can;t make a change in two weeks.

Normally I wouldn;t bitch, because I make my choices to go or not go, but damn it, it always seems like the years I can go the exclusives are nice, but the years I can’t go they are amazing.