Gotham's Version of Scarecrow Looks Creepy, Sounds a Little Bored

Image: Fox
Image: Fox

The Fox TV series set in a wacky version of Batman’s hometown exists in its own weird little pocket universe, populated with proto-Jokers and teenage Bruce Wayne clones. There’s still a Scarecrow, though, and we’ll get to see him freak people out next week.

At the end of the most recent installment of Gotham, viewers got a quick look at Jonathan Crane in his Scarecrow get-up. Above, the video preview from next week’s episode shows the would-be Master of Fear paying a visit to the Arkham Asylum warden. After a quick bit of catch-up, Crane does what he’s going to spend the rest of his life doing: repeating what he said over and over because burlap really muffles speech.


Nah, he doses the warden like you’d expect. Since this is Gotham, though, don’t be surprised if Jim Gordon uses the fear toxin to make either a cologne fragrance or a stiff drink. Hell, he’ll probably do both.

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Absolute Unit 01

It’s a Bane mask made out of sacking?

“You merely adopted the conrfield. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see my first city until I was a straw-man”