Gotham's True Joker Has Just Been Revealed and What the Fuck?

Image: Fox

What. What? What.

Gotham, god bless it, is barrelling its way to its final conclusion with all the grace and subtlety of a runaway train that happens to be packed with explosives and also is on fire.


Last week, the show gave us our first tiny glimpse of lil’ Brucie Wayne (if not actually David Mazouz himself) all done up in, at long last, Gotham’s approximation of the Batman cowl. But what’s a Dark Knight without a Clown Prince to chase? So enter Jerome. Well, enter Jeremiah. It’s a long story, but it’s finally entered its conclusion with this: the reveal of J.

Hey you there, international reader! You can check out a non-geoblocked version of this video on the official Gotham twitter.

The J stands for Joker, obviously. But that should be the most ancillary of your concerns, because, what the fuck.

We knew Jeremiah was all messed up by that acid-bath dip, but good lord this version of the Joker is truly nightmare-inducing. While there are obvious inspirations from Jokers past, both live action and comic book, the contrast of the gleefully bright colored getup with Jeremiah’s acid-pocked face and barely-there-hair is just... honestly petrifying? And that’s before he’s wandering around with a batarang in his hand. Check out the full promo picture below:

Oh Jeremiah, what lovely eyes you have.
Oh Jeremiah, what lovely eyes you have.
Photo: Fox


Gotham goes full bats when it returns for its final episodes on April 18 and April 25.


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