Gotham's Gearing Up for a Totally Batshit Version of a Batman/Joker Showdown

On Gotham, we’ve got a young Bruce Wayne who isn’t Batman yet. And it’s unclear as to whether mega-maniac Jerome Valeska will become the Joker destined to become the Dark Knight’s arch-foe. But the Fox superhero show is going to have them fight anyway, because there ain’t no rules in its weird little pocket universe.


A new teaser for next week’s episode of Gotham shows the titular city erupting into chaos as a blackout coincides with Jerome’s return to the criminal underworld. What’s more, it looks like this episode is squeezing in a ton of referential nods to big-time Joker-centric moments from comics and movies. A viral plague that turns ordinary citizens into wannabe killer clowns has been an element in a few Joker stories, most recently the Endgame arc. We also see Jerome’s face being cut off and worn by others before being re-attached, which echoes the character’s look in the Death of the Family storyline. Valeska talks about putting a smile on faces, too, like the Jack Nicholson Joker from the 1989 Batman movie, and the carnival/hall of mirrors scenes are probably intentional nods at The Killing Joke. If Jerome falls into a pit of Dionesium at the end of this episode, we’ll know for sure that we’ll be see him over and over...

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.


So. Uh. Having never watched the show - namely because I’ve been warned how utterly batshit the entire thing is - is this actually a detractor, or do these antics actually make it fun? Should I even bother watching or no?