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Gotham, the young Batman TV series, has yet to reveal their version of "Li'l Joker" in their copious character art or previous trailers, but we know he's coming. However, the way in which Gotham is going to reveal this ultimate Batman villain is rather interesting.


A few minor spoilers ahead! Early reviews of the pilot revealed that Jon Beavers takes the stage as a stand-up comedian. And everyone assumed that the comedian would later become The Joker, because he tells jokes. Not so.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that this obvious nod to the Joker was done on purpose, because Gotham is going to tease out The Joker with different characters in EVERY EPISODE. Which is pretty cool. Each new episode will introduce a character that could (or could not) be the Joker. And of course each character will play with the clown, gag, or smiling iconography that we that we all relate with this Batman big bad. But only one is the real deal.


Personally, I like it. It's definitely something new and an additional thing to keep audiences actively speculating about different aspects of Gotham besides the central plot.

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