We’ve known for a while that B.D. Wong would be heading to the bizarre fever dream/Fox crime series Gotham, but Fox ha now released a new video teasing the show’s return, giving us our first look at the sinister psychiatrist... and his very, very questionable facial hair.

The above image was revealed by TV Insider earlier today, but now Fox have released a trailer teasing both the arrival of Nathan Darrow’s Mr. Freeze and Wong’s debut as Doctor Strange (no, not that one) when the show returns on February 29th from its midseason break. It’s nice to see the show just go whole hog in its wanton hoarding of Batman characters, but man, Hugo Strange’s facial hair does not translate well off the page.

What the hell is going on with that multic0lor-haired test tube girl? What ever it is, Gotham will no doubt reveal it (and its connection to the Batman mythos) with the utmost sense of subtlety. That is the Gotham way, after all.


[Entertainment Weekly]

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