Gotham Is Going All-In With the Court of Owls in Season Three

You can see what you want about Gotham—it’s bad, it’s dumb, it’s written by insane people who have only heard about Batman third-hand—but you have to give them one thing. Now that they’ve decided to tackle Scott Snyder’s fairly recent addition to the Bat-mythos, the Court of Owls, Gotham is going to do them right. And by right I mean creepy as hell.


This promo poster for season three is obviously in advance of whatever Gotham news will be announced/shown at Comic-Con later this week, but I have to say this owl mask is incredibly upsetting. I thought the owl masks in the comics were creepy, but this... this looks like H.R. Giger designed it.

I can’t wait to see what Talon, their somewhat immortal assassin looks like. Gotham season three will begin its insanity anew on September 19.


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