Gotham Is Giving Total Psychopath Professor Pyg His Own Musical Number, Because Gotham

Image: Fox
Image: Fox

Next week, Gotham is bringing another Bat-villain to its nightmarishly delightful take on DC Comics in the form of Michael Cerveris’s Professor Pyg. But apparently, frequent Broadway star Cerveris will be bring a bit of the ol’ razzle dazzle with him, alongside... well, you know. The “gruesome serial killer with a creepy pig mask” stuff.


Ceveris dished on his multi-episode stint at Pyg to USA Today, revealing that—please pretend to be surprised for a moment—that the noted murderer will find a kindred spirit on the show, in the form of fellow noted murderer Jim Gordon.

According to the site, Pyg’s arrival in Gotham City leads to a string of cops being brutally murdered as part of Pyg’s twisted sense of justice... except for Jim Gordon, who finds his fellow officers of the law turning against him when they realize the reason he isn’t on Pyg’s kill list is because Pyg doesn’t see Gordon as a corrupt cop. Which is odd, considering that Jim Gordon a) has killed a shit-ton of people and b) is currently using Sofia Falcone to raise an army of criminals to stop Penguin’s very effective crime prevention program. But anyway.


The real delight of Pyg’s arrival on Gotham, according to Cerveris, is not his relationship with Jim, but a planned encounter with the Penguin... which of course leads to Professor Pyg starring in his own “song-and-dance number.”

“Especially when they had somebody who played Sweeney Todd, they knew the direction they wanted to go,” Cerveris says, adding that he hopes Broadway fans who don’t watch Gotham “might give it a look simply because of that, and find that they have a new favorite show.”

I love the idea of Broadway fans tuning into Gotham only to find a serial killer in a pig mask doing a showtune. Love it.

Professor Pyg squeals his way onto Gotham starting next Thursday, October 26.


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The amazing thing about this show is that literally anything can happen. This is a show where both Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon are hardened killers. If Gotham made any sense at all it would still be insane. It’s what happens when the writers of a show are freed of any accountability to logic or canon or the traditional constraints of television.

So it’s fun.

It would not surprise me in the least at this point if it turns out that Bruce really is the Joker and if Serena eventually becomes Robin. The purpose of this show is to completely destroy the viewers expectations.

The fact that Professor Pyg will break out in song and dance is not the least bit surprising. It’s just surprising that it’s taken this long.