Goth Schoolgirl Falls For Killer Robot, In Killdroid

A high school girl and an android bent on murder come together in the epicmovie Killdroid: A Mechanical Love Affair. The goth girl finds an abandoned cyborg, part of a secret military operation, and brings it back to life. So of course, the two become lovers. More spoilery details and school girl pictures after the jump.


According to the press announcement for the Filipino movie, Killdroid is about a government project that has the ability to make android armies from the bodies of dead soldiers. (Sort of like Universal Soldier.) The young girl discovers Killdroid and decides to take the "beautiful" 'bot as a lover. Unfortunately, their carnal tween/droid love only awakens the robot's insatiable hunger for sex. Which — surprise, surprise — is somehow linked to an insatiable drive to kill as well. No trailer yet, but a teaser has been shot and Killdroid is appearing in Cannes for further financing. [Dread Central and Twitch]

What exactly is goth about this girl? Well she is having sex with a robot, that's pretty scary.

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