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Goth Alice will make you tear up your skin in this live action Alice: Return To Madness trailer

If you're a fan of a creepy goth Alice in Wonderland who rams dirty syringes into her arms, then you're already celebrating this week's release of the video game Alice: Madness Returns. Now check out an uber-demented live-action fan trailer.


The trailer was created by Gray G. Haddock and Zane Rutledge, who also created the official CG trailer for the very first Alice video game.

It makes us wish for what could have been — years ago, rumors were circulating about a movie in development based on the game American McGee's Alice, with Wes Craven and Sarah Michelle Gellar attached. That would have been brilliant. Instead we got Tim Burton's Alice, which was nice to look at but nothing to write home about.


Here's a look at the new game's actual trailer for a side-by-side comparison.

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Hey, the game trailer is from the original game, which came out for PC in 2000.

Here's the launch trailer for the new title, Madness Returns. It's on PC, PS3, 360.