Gossip Girl writer creating an Americanized version of the UK superhero show Misfits

Get ready for teen sex and superpowers — the highly praised British TV series Misfits is coming to the US. Gossip Girl and Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz is readying an Americanized version of Misfits.

Vulture broke the news that now that Schwartz's Chuck series is ending he's eyeing an American adaptation of Misfits. The story follows a group of teens who all get superpowers after an electrical storm, and wind up in the same community service group. But before you freak out, know this — Schwartz will be teaming up with original creator Howard Overman to write the U.S. version.


Schwartz and Overman are writing the pilot on spec, which means they won't be shopping the pitch around to a network until they've finished the script. This allows the creators to finish their pilot without having to bend to the needs of a network who's footing the bill. Fingers crossed for this series, which still has one of the best teen/old lady sex scenes (with an excellent soundtrack) to date.

If you haven't seen the show yet, we highly recommend checking it out over at Hulu.

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