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Gorilla is given a video camera, awesomeness ensues

A gorilla at the UK's Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust was recently given a video camera, and you can see the results in the video up top. Honestly, the gorilla's cinematography is way more coherent than most action movies.


Not to be outdone by a bunch of macaque photography enthusiasts, staff at the Jersey wildlife trust gave an HD camera to a 27-year-old Silverback gorilla named Ya Kwanza. The camera was covered in oats and honey to attract Ya Kwanza's attention, and it was encased in an indestructible box so that the gorilla couldn't have too fun with it.


Keeper Jon Stark explains how he got the idea:

"The animals here at the wildlife park regularly receive enrichment treats which encourage them to forage for food much as they would in the wild and help to keep them mentally stimulated. In an attempt to really get up close and personal we decided to install a HD Camera in Ya Kwanza's daily ‘enrichment device!"

If nothing else, I think we've found the new top contender for the Transformers 4 director's chair.

Via Durrell.


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Did... did he just throw back the box when asked? Holy gorilla that's a smart gorilla.