Illustration for article titled Gorgeous Unused emGravity/em Posters Almost Represent The Movie TOO Well

Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity was an insane thrill ride that made us nearly hyperventilate. And these proposed poster designs, which ended up not being used, really convey the screaming terror that this film inflicted on us. Maybe too well. But they're also insanely gorgeous.

These posters come from Framestore, which designed the final poster which you saw everywhere. (We've featured Framestore's amazing work before, and collaborated with them on a concept-art writing contest.) As the Framestore blog explains, the design studio not only worked on this film's visual effects, they also designed the poster — and they've shared a number of designs that didn't end up being used. See beautiful high-res versions below. [via Framestore Blog]


Framestore and io9 removed these posters at the request of Warner Bros. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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