Propaganda posters, like advertisements, are often strikingly beautiful and moving. After all, they are designed to be persuasive. And the 1950s, the height of the Cold War between communism and capitalism, were a heyday for propaganda all over the world. Here are some of the most incredible works of propaganda from the Chinese government during this period.

Judgement day for American Imperialism (Ni Gengye, 1954)

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Shanghai No. 1 Department Store (Chen Fei, 1955)

For many years, this was the largest department store in Asia, and here was China's only escalator – pictured above.


While Douglas MacArthur is committing war crimes in Korea, an American airplane bombs a Chinese factory. (Xu Ling, 1950)


Our Motherland's airspace is inviolable. (1951)

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The life of the peasants is good after Land Reform (Jin Meishing, 1951)


Protect our children: Utterly destroy American imperialists' bacterial warfare! (1952)

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Boosting production and ensuring quality show that you love your Motherland (1953)

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Do not disturb daddy while he is using his head (Shao Jingyun, 1955)

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Consolidate the dictatorship of the proletariat and the international unity of the proletariat! (1956)

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Insurance for pig-rearing (1958)

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The future of the rural village in China (1958)

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People from all over the world, unite and protect peace! (1959)

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An airplane sprays chemicals (Wang Weirong, 1964)

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Let's go and save our money in the bank for the sake of building a happy life! (1964)

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Permanent revolution for life, read Chairman Mao's book for life. (1966)


We must liberate Taiwan! (1969)

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If the enemy sharpens his knife, we shall sharpen ours. (1969)

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