Gorgeous photograph captures a moonbow, waterfall, meteor and the Milky Way. In one image.

For those who like to start their day with something mindblowing: here's your chance to start today with four.

The image you're looking at was shot by Thierry Legault, one of the world's most celebrated amateur astrophotographers. We've featured work of his here before, but never anything quite like this.


Legault captured this scene while visiting Wallaman Falls in Queensland, Australia. The Falls, of course, are breathtaking — but upon closer inspection, other phenomenon begin to come into view.

Where to begin? In the far background, the Milky Way dominates the depths of the night sky. In the foreground, mist suspended near the base of the waterfall is limned with moonlight, giving rise to a rare lunar rainbow (also called a moonbow). And to top it all off there's a meteor, disintegrating in a violent blaze as it rips through the atmosphere.

Check out more photos from Legault's Australia trip over on his website. Warning: all-out wonderment awaits you.

Image used with permission from Thierry Legault

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