Gorgeous Concept Art of the Fiery Alien Planet From Syfy's Childhood's End

Syfy’s adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End wrapped up earlier this week, and ended with a stunning glimpse of an alien planet. We’re excited to premiere some concept art by Emmanuel Shiu illuminates that insane vista, exclusively at io9.

Some spoilers ahead...

At the end of Childhood’s End, one of its characters stows away to an alien planet, determined to see the home world of the Overlords who’ve dramatically altered life back on Earth.


Here, we see the “Supervisor of Earth” Karellen—or perhaps another of his race?—showing Milo Rodricks the fiery landscape of Jenjedda. Particularly visible in the artwork below are the Overlord creatures, apparently using those massive wings to fly above the flames. That’s something we didn’t see on the TV show, but it certainly makes sense in this environment.

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