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This morning, we're celebrating the return of our previously dead mascot, The Spoiler — a superhero whose only superpower is spoiling other people's plots. She revealed her true identity in yesterday's Robin #174, and we won't give it away here. But yay. To celebrate, we're posting another batch of spoilers from Ron Moore's new virtual-reality-addicted astronauts program Virtuality — including the pilot's big twist ending. Plus there are new photos from City Of Ember and the new Tekken movie. Also, minor spoilers for Get Smart and X-Files 2. And a few tidbits about Doctor Who and Stargate Atlantis, plus some Heroes rumors. We'll keep spreading spoilers in The Spoiler's glorious name.

City of Ember:

Here are a couple of new photos from City Of Ember, October's movie about the creepy girl from Atonement investigating the secrets of her post-apocalyptic underground city. (Which probably don't involve half-naked James McAvoy this time.) Click the link for bigger versions. [Cinemablend]



Here are a few more spoilers I left out of yesterday's write-up of Ron Moore's new show Virtuality, either because I forgot or because they were too spoilery. Rika, the wife of the ship's therapist/show producer Roger Fallon, works in the ship's "greenhouse" and says plants are better suited to space travel than humans — but the plants start having root problems. Roger allegedly gets a percentage of all the revenues from the ship's "virtual reality" show. Jules Braun has the V.R. program simulate his dead son Shawn, but the simulation isn't rreal enough, until the program takes from Braun's own psychological profile, and then Shawn is a bit of a psycho.


One of the Green-Eyed Man's virtual-reality murders targets Captain Pike when he's having illicit virtual sex with Dr. Fallon's wife Rika. The Green-Eyed Man "kills" the Parkinsons-afflicted Dr. Meyer in V.R., but he finds the experience liberating instead of scary. When the Green-Eyed Man attacks Billie, the computer geek, she tries to tell the computer to "freeze" the program, but the program won't stop. And she can't exit the program prematurely. (Oh, and the V.R. is via headsets, not a holodeck. Shoulda mentioned that before.)


Dr. Fallon disagrees strongly with Captain Pike's decision to take the V.R. modules off-line after Billie's assault. He feels that without the V.R. modules, the crew will go nuts in deep space. Also, an engineer named Jimmy Johnson, who's confined to a wheelchair, really needs V.R. because it's the only way he can get out of his chair. (The show has a dozen characters, which is a lot to get to know.)

And here's the major spoiler: At the end of the pilot, Capt. Pike gets killed while trying to repair the ship's com-array. (It sucks, because he's one of the most likeable characters in the script, and we've gotten pretty attached to him by this point.) And the ship's com-array is still broken at the end of the episode. Jimmy Johnson takes command, and his first order is to reinstate the V.R. modules. [Thanks so much to Lukas for the heads up]


Get Smart:

In the Get Smart movie, they "super-teched" the Cone Of Silence, says original series writer Mel Brooks. (And did you know that World War Z author Max Brooks was Mel Brooks' son? I didn't.) [LA Times]


X-Files 2:

Mulder does a lot of climbing and jumping off cliffs in X-Files: I Want To Believe, while Scully does no fancy stunts at all, says Scully actor Gillian Anderson. [IGN]



Is Tekken science fiction? I seem to remember the original Tekken movie had a fighting android in it. In any case, here's the first pic of martial arts champion Cung Le as Marshall Law. The movie also stars Luke Goss as Steve Fox and Chiaki Kuriyama (Kill Bill) as Ling Xiaoyu. [Kotaku]


Doctor Who:

The BBC released a new picture from the first part of Steven Moffat's space-library two-parter, which airs a week from Saturday. Plus a short excerpt from the script. [Planet Gallifrey]
THE GIRL: Something's here! Someone got in! No one's supposed to get in!
Dad, agitated, barely able to keep his seat...
DAD: She's never mentioned anyone else. She's always been alone.
The girl, panicking now, afraid...
THE GIRL: Someone's in my library.



Heroes fans are tossing around rumors and speculation, including that Sylar kills Bob, the nominal boss of the Company. Also, we may find out the reason the Company's founders had that meeting that was immortalized in that photograph that everybody kept looking at during season two. []


Stargate: Atlantis:

In the Stargate: Atlantis episode "The Lost Tribe," the team meets Katana, the ship's commander for the Travelers, a race that travels in the Pegasus galaxy to avoid the Wraith. And the Travelers are techno-magpies, grabbing all the technology they find in their travels. Katana comes to Atlantis to find out why stargates are blowing up. [TV Squad]


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