We often imagine humanity's future in space, but what about in the unexplored depths of our own planet's oceans? These incredible concept designs offer visions of what our future water world might actually look like.

An undersea city from Out of Time: Designs for the Twentieth-Century Future, 1954

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City under the sea, by Klaus Bürgle, 1964

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Undersea Horizons, by Robert McCall

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Cyberpunk City by nkabuto

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Atlantis, by BlueRogueVyse

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Rapture, a city from the BioShock video game series

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Alien City, by J. Carson

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Anno 2070

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Underground City, by nkabuto

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Dabu's deep, by NikoKripton

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Water city by Andrea Susini

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A metropolis by aquarake

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Syph, Australia, designed by Arup Biometrics

These jellyfish-inspired specialised structures function as a whole, with some pods being industrial, food producers, energy producers or residential.

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