Googly Eyed Reporter Coming Back To Smallville

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Linda Lake, the worlds most annoying reporter who can turn into water, is coming back to Smallville. Tori Spelling is rumored to be making another cameo as the gossipy crazy-face reporter who knows Clark Kent's big secret. What's really sad/interesting about this is that Spelling is appearing on a CW show that isn't the 90210 remake? It's totally ex-girlfriend syndrome, parade around in front of the set and let them know that you don't want them back, so they want you back. Also, Smallville — you're dirtying up your amazing coup of getting Sam Witwer by lowering your guest-star standards. Who's next, Rip Taylor? [Entertainment Weekly]


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I am SO glad that I've learned to turn off my brain when i watch Smallvile. Mostly, i just scream at the tv that 1. someone push Lois off a cliff, and that Clark, Oliver or Davis fight each other in the rain. As for guest star, either push Lois or join in the fight!