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Google Maps unveils "Treasure Mode"

Guys. YOU GUYS. Treasure. Google Maps now has a Treasure Mode. For finding gold and stuff.


Last year, Google's street view team discovered a treasure map belonging to infamous pirate William "Captain" Kidd, while shooting footage for their underwater streetview collection beneath the waves of the Indian Ocean. Now, Google has used its custom 3D nano-scanners to digitize the map and make it accessible online.


Via the Google Maps blog:

When Dr. Marco Meniketti, an independent archaeologist, confirmed that this was Captain Kidd’s 315 year-old map, we were very excited. However, as seen in the video, the map contains a variety of encrypted symbols and is not readily decipherable. We need your help to decipher these symbols and find Captain Kidd’s treasures; therefore we’ve decided to digitize the map and make it accessible to everyone.

To check out Kidd's map, click here, or on the "Treasure" button at the top right corner of Google Maps. I'm about to go hold my laptop above a lit stove to see if I can reveal any of the map's secrets – I'll let you know how it goes.

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Really, io9?

In other news I hear the spaghetti harvest has been particularly good this year /sarcasm