Google Maps just annihilated an entire 141-square-mile island

The latest update of Google Maps appears to have wiped out the Scottish island of Jura. But while the internet giant is aware of the problem, it has yet to fix it.

Despite the oversight, Jura island is very much a real place. It’s home to about 188 people and is famed for its whiskey distilleries.


"We are sorry about that. We're aware of the problem, and our engineers are beavering away to fix it,” noted a Google spokesperson when speaking to the BBC. "We hope to have the map of Jura back to normal as soon as possible."

While the island appears to have been sucked into the sea, the map still shows several roads, landmarks, and addresses.


This isn’t the first Google mishap. Late last year, a group of Australian geologists proved that a South Pacific Island — the mythical “Sandy Island” — does not exist despite appearing on both Google Maps and Google Earth.


Images: Google Maps, Landsat7/NASA.

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