Google's 3D map program, called Google Earth, now has a Mars expansion pack. So you can sail through a 3D Red Planet - and if you play your cards right, you'll meet a Martian too.

According to the Google Earth Blog:

Someone has discovered there is a nice little easter egg. Type "Meliza" in the search window while looking at Mars (look for the planet icon at the top of GE 5 and switch to Mars). This will fly you to a place on mars with a placemark labeled "MELIZA". Click on that and the placemark bubble will open and start talking to you. The program is based on an old computer application called "Eliza" which simulates talking to someone (very poorly).


I'm so excited that Google is using its niceness powers to send people to Mars to talk to the old Eliza online therapist program. I'll bet therapy works way better on Mars because all those pink rocks are so calming.

via Google Earth Blog

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