If you've ever dreamed of a gun that could shoot around corners or over barricades, Google Glass is here to help. Now, if you link your smart gun to your Glass, you can aim for targets that are out of visual range.

The Daily Beast's Janelle Dumalaon has the story, about a company called Tracking Point that's working on the gun/Glass connection:

The company is looking into combining wearable technology and guns to "allow for accurate shots around corners, in unsupported positions—behind the back, to the side, and over barricades," the video tells us.

"We want to show people what is possible in the future," says Oren Schauble, the marketing director at TrackingPoint. "The traditional design of a firearm hasn't changed since World War II, so there are a ton of people really putting the effort into integrating engineering technology into firearm platforms."


TrackingPoint's technology is aimed at true gun enthusiasts, but if they develop an app it could be something that's basically plug-and-play for Glass wearers. Now all you need is your Google SmartGun and your Google RobotArmy, and you're ready to conquer your local insurgency.

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