Human beings are headed to a Matrix-like future, according to one neuroscientist-turned-entrepreneur named Meron Gribetz. And Google Glass is just "Stage One." Apparently, he's already invented the final stage.

Gribetz runs a startup called Meta-View, which is basically like Google Glass except the Matrix will have already happened. Or something like that. Gribetz participated in the Augmented World Expo in San Jose this week, and showed off his futuristic technology to reporters.


According to USA Today:

In Gribetz's view, Glass is Stage One, "a notifier machine with which you have no true interaction." Stage Two is "the Matrix machine, something that allows enhanced reality and interaction, but it requires you to block out the real world."

Stage Three is, of course, Meta's stereoscopic 3-D device, "a natural machine" that overlays the computer-generated world over the real one that allows wearers to interact with an image projected in space.


So basically, Meta-View's device is what you get after your nervous system is wired into an artificially-intelligent network of machines that control your every perception? That is seriously awesome, dude. Looks great, too.

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