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Goodnight, Dear Monster Lover

Illustration for article titled Goodnight, Dear Monster Lover

Forrest J. Ackerman, founder of seminal scifi/horror fan magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland, has been ailing for the past few days and is not expected to recover. The 91-year-old champion of B-movies filled with rubber beasts and flying saucers is a fannish pioneer whose influence is still felt in today's geek culture sites like Ain't It Cool News, as well as in the more mainstream creations of people like Peter Jackson, Stephen King, and Tim Burton. Forry, thanks for everything. It's been a good run. [via AICN]


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Benny Gesserit

Damn. For a little kid with the SciFi gene growing up in a small, fictional town in Canada with a one screen cinema (Fri and Sat nites only) FMoF was a lifeline.

I happily turned over my allowance for his magazine (and I was secretly proud my dad shared a first name with him.)

He'll be in my thoughts.