Good to know: Etsy retailers can sell human teeth, but not bones

Oh, Etsy, you wonderfully weird online bazaar. One can find almost anything beneath your digital marquee — from made-to-order Jayne Cobb beanies to dog toys in the shape of a penis, to bar soap carved in the likeness of a baby's face — but there's one thing you won't find for sale at Etsy: human bones.

Top image is a photograph of a child's skull, taken by Stefan Schäfer at the Hunterian Museum in London. Click here for more info on this skull's apparent surplus of teeth.

Wired's Olivia Solon explains:

In a blog post, the policy team outlined the [recent update to its list of prohibited items], saying that "we want to maintain Etsy as a marketplace that is safe for both shoppers and sellers". In many cases, items have been banned because they are subject to "complex legal regulations" while others just "aren't in the spirit of Etsy".

Good news for lovers of jewellery made out of human hair or decayed teeth: your preferred items will still be available. Banned human remains or body parts are limited to skulls, bones, articulated skeletons, bodily fluids, preserved tissues or organs or other similar products.


So are teeth the exception to the no-bones rule? Nope — because your teeth aren't actually bones. Read more about Etsy's new terms and conditions over at Wired.

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