Good Omens Celebrates 30 Years With Some Crowley and Aziraphale Lockdown Fic

There’s no trip to the ice cream truck in an age of social distancing, sorry.
There’s no trip to the ice cream truck in an age of social distancing, sorry.
Image: Amazon

AmazonTerry Pratchett’s Good Omens novel is celebrating 30 years—during a time when celebrations are pretty much off the menu. To commemorate their Pearl Anniversary, the Arizaphale and Crowley of Amazon’s adaptation have returned to swap stories of social distancing during an actual apocalypse.

Releaed on the dearly missed Terry Pratchett’s YouTube and penned by his fellow Good Omens scribe Neil Gaiman the new short is aptly titled Good Omens: Lockdown”, and has Michael Sheen and David Tennant returning to their roles as the angel and demon who would stop at nothing to stay in each other’s lives. But, it seems that not even the rise of the Antichrist could prepare them for having to spent a few months apart.


The video takes place largely in voiceover, with some gorgeous footage of cakes, books, and portraits of Arizaphale and Crowley underneath. The divine duo chat over the phone about how their lives have been since social distancing started—Arizaphale has been making cakes for burglars, while Crowley just wants to put himself to sleep for several months until (hopefully) it’s all over. That is, unless Arizaphale would be cool with him coming over for awhile... naughty demon.

The Good Omens novel is available as a digital book from many retailers, be sure to check out Harper Collins for options. The series is available to watch on Amazon Prime; if you haven’t checked it out yet, now’s a better time than ever. Just... maybe don’t buy anything from Amazon today—it is May Day, after all.

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Beth, I’m going to be an annoying and terrible person here - my apologies - but I want to just hijack the comments to remind anyone who doesn’t know (I’m presuming in the UK, but it might be available elsewhere too - if not, get a VPN) that the National Theatre Live version of Frankenstein, directed by Danny Boyle, is available on YouTube for one week only.

It’s an absolutely breathtaking adaptation, and if you’ve not seen it, pull out all the stops to do so before it’s gone again. It’s incredible.

They do a switched performance - there’s an alternative version where BC is the Doctor and JLM is the Creature, but imo the BC-as-monster version is the better.

I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough. The best piece of theatre I’ve ever seen in my life.