Good News! Parts Of The Giver Film Will Be In Black And White After All

Everyone relax: The Giver movie is going to be in black and white after all. Bullet dodged.

Back in March everyone (justifiably) lost their damn minds about The Giver trailer lacking any sort of black and white scenes. People were so mad, they re-did the entire trailer in black and white just to rectify the horrible atrocity. Lois Lowry's novel is set in a future where the human race can no longer see color (or experience emotions, etc.). And when the main character begins to "receive" the memories from "the giver" he begins to experience life in color, a thing no one else in society can experience. It's very important.


Well thank goodness, a new featurette has just been released via Yahoo, confirming that yes, The Giver will have segments in black and white. Take a look:

Now comes the chicken and the egg conversation. What came first: the black and white backlash, or the black and white footage? Honestly we were skeptical, so we went back into the original trailer and looked for footage that was in color, but is now being switched to black and white after the fact. We couldn't find any. It honestly looks like everything up until the first meeting of The Giver is in black and white. Which makes us happy.


The closest similarity we could find was a moment during a session — and these happened more than once in the book, and they are clearly from different moments.

Color us relieved.

The Giver hits theaters on August 15th.


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