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Those of us who are patiently waiting for the vampire apocalypse to finally get off its undead ass, good news! FX has confirmed Guillermo del Toro's horror show The Strain for a second season. Meaning the show has 13 additional episodes to finally show humanity getting its ass kicked. Er, drained of blood.

I'm going to assume that the second season will follow the second book in The Strain Trilogy, The Fall. That's just a guess, though. Here's the book's synopsis from Wikipedia:

The vampire race is descended from seven vampiric "Ancient Ones." A vampire faction, led by a renegade Ancient known as the Master, instigates the takeover of human civilization. Elderly billionaire Eldritch Palmer, having been promised immortality by the Master, uses his influence to create a news blackout, ensuring that the vampires face little resistance. Abraham Setrakian, an aged vampire hunter, is hopeful that the lost grimoire, Occido Lumen, holds the key to defeating the Master, and searches for it before the Master's forces take over. Setrakian is aided by epidemiologist Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and pest exterminator Vasiliy Fet, who have joined those resisting the vampires. Goodweather also seeks to protect his son, Zach from his wife, Kelly, who is now a vampire and is driven by an animalistic instinct to convert her family. Meanwhile, the other Ancient Ones enlist gang member Gus Elizalde to destroy the Master.

I continue to find it hilarious that Gus is still somehow the most important person in The Strain universe.

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