Good News! Batman Vs. Superman gets some help from the writer of Argo

Illustration for article titled Good News! emBatman Vs. Superman/em gets some help from the writer of emArgo/em

Ben Affleck has called in his greatest asset to save the Batman Vs. Superman script.


The Hollywood Reporterbroke the news that Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio has been summoned by Batfleck for his help on the new Batman Vs. Superman script. And we can't really blame Affleck for calling in Terrio, because Argo was great for a number of reasons — including the script. David Goyer created the original script, but he's busy making the new Sandman and his Man of Steel screenplay wasn't exactly our favorite. So we're glad Terrio has been called in to give the whole thing another look.

Sounds as though Warner Bros. is turning a critical eye to this 2015 film. Combine the script changes with the news that Joaquin Phoenix was offered the role of "head villain," and you have a MUCH different movie than we were originally expecting from director Zack Snyder.

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They're going to try to smuggle a good film into a Zack Snyder picture.