Good children risk death to feed their families in Hunger Games propaganda

This may be the greatest piece of fanart to come out of The Hunger Games. Children during the World Wars planted victory gardens; the children of Panem put their names in the death lottery a few extra times to feed their families. Cheery!

The Mary Sue hunted through the CafePress Hunger Games store and scoped out the best of what's on offer. This Panem propaganda t-shirt is certainly a gem — although I wish was available as a poster. Most of the items are what you'd expect: Team Peeta and Team Gale t-shirts, lots of Mockingjays, and some pretty cool district seals.

But the Mary Sue has identified some particularly inspired bits of swag, like this parachute croissant water bottle:

Lionsgate should seriously market this film by dropping tons of parachute-wearing baked goods. It will be a delicious way to baffle people who haven't read the books.

CafePress Hunger Games Store [via The Mary Sue]


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