This may be the greatest piece of fanart to come out of The Hunger Games. Children during the World Wars planted victory gardens; the children of Panem put their names in the death lottery a few extra times to feed their families. Cheery!

The Mary Sue hunted through the CafePress Hunger Games store and scoped out the best of what's on offer. This Panem propaganda t-shirt is certainly a gem — although I wish was available as a poster. Most of the items are what you'd expect: Team Peeta and Team Gale t-shirts, lots of Mockingjays, and some pretty cool district seals.

But the Mary Sue has identified some particularly inspired bits of swag, like this parachute croissant water bottle:


Lionsgate should seriously market this film by dropping tons of parachute-wearing baked goods. It will be a delicious way to baffle people who haven't read the books.

CafePress Hunger Games Store [via The Mary Sue]