Golden Compass May Be Solo Dark Material

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If you were one of the many unsatisfied with last year's movie version of Philip Pullman's parallel universe parable The Golden Compass, here's some cold comfort - At least you're unlikely to face similar disappointment from movies based upon the later two books in the His Dark Materials trilogy, given that it's looking like they'll never be made.


British newspaper The Independent is reporting that The Golden Compass prompting a combination of disappointing box office and outcries from Christian fundamentalists have resulted in all plans to produce movies based on The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass to be put on indefinite hold. Talking to Pullman as well as Compass director Chris Weitz, the Independent revealed the awkward status quo of the project:

Pullman told The Independent that he had not yet been contacted by Shepperton Studios and was not aware of any imminent plans to film the sequel, The Subtle Knife. When the first film was in production last year, he was regularly contacted by Chris Weitz, its writer and director.

"I know everyone would like to see a sequel and I know I'd like to see it. When the first film was in production, I was talking to the studio and to Chris Weitz and producers quite frequently. I'm sure I would be now if the sequel was in production," he said.

Weitz said yesterday he did not want talk about the project while the studio responsible for the first film was refusing to discuss the future of the trilogy.

While I don't doubt that upset from Christian fundamentalists did hurt the success of the movie, isn't there also the possibility that the real reason The Golden Compass the movie wasn't a bigger success because it just wasn't very good?

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@cmowire: I agree. In fact, I'd go further: The movie wasn't very good because it attempted to lighten the anti-fundamentalist, anti-church slant of the excellent book on which it was based. In other words, it seems like they castrated the movie to please the religious nuts, then complained those religious nuts (and not the castration) caused the movie to fail.