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Goku's Fists Get Their Own Cameras In Dragonball Evolution

Illustration for article titled Gokus Fists Get Their Own Cameras In Dragonball Evolution

Need more proof that Dragonball Evolution is most likely going to be a spoof of itself? How about fist-cams? DBZ's got 'em, and ready to start filming some face-on-hand action, from the hand's POV.


Director James Wong spoke with Italian site, all about his magical fist cams, and the interview was kindly translated by fansite DB The Movie:

The visual effects supervisor (Ariel Shaw) took what Wong defines as “fist-cams” using the renowned company Iconix, cameras so small that they can be linked to the hand of an actor and that allows the stroke of a character’s [fist] to go directly to the [audience].

“It’s kind of a point of view of the fist,” says Wong. McLachlan [the director of photography] suggested that the use of new digital cameras (the high-speed Phantoms) to create super-speed in major action sequences. “We have done a lot of research and development tests with chambers Phantom,” says McLachlan, who discovered this system of photography, then experimental, on YouTube.


"The point of view of the fist." Of course, why don't we do that more often? Because it's terrible. What a ridiculous idea. Hopefully, they'll make the camera shots super slo-mo so we can see it hit the face of Lord Piccolo, and then the slo-mo wincing will commence.

[ via DB The Movie]

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Fists have points of view? what about elbow view? when do we get the elbows point of view? what do these people have against elbows? And what about shoulder blades?