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Godzilla Was Only In 8 Minutes Of Godzilla And Here They Are

Wow. Gareth Edwards' new Godzilla movie got pretty solid reviews, but I don't think people realized how little the Big G was actually on screen during the film. As this video compiled by John Nemesis reveals, it's less than eight total minutes — yeesh.


According to Wired, that accounts for less than 7% of the total film. Let's hopes that number rises substantially for the sequel, Godzilla 2: The Legend of Megalon's Gold.

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The secret ingredient is phone

Eh, I felt the tease was done just enough so that the climactic battle at the end really had a punch to it that would have been lost if you had already had full frontal Kaiju action. I was more annoyed with to focus on uninteresting human characters, there were some interesting humans, but we focused on the wrong ones IMO.