Godzilla vs Kong's Adam Wingard Could Return to the Monsterverse for More Monkey Business

Kong could be about to be Daddy Kong.
Kong could be about to be Daddy Kong.
Image: Legendary/Warner Bros.

The success of Godzilla vs. Kong has suddenly made Adam Wingard one of the most important figures in Legendary’s future plans for its giant monster movieverse. But the in-demand director’s next potential project in the series might not star either of his former titular beasts.


Hollywood Reporter has word that Legendary is looking to bring Wingard back into the fold after Godzilla vs. Kong’s big (for, of course, the times in which we live in) box office success and the waves it made on HBO Max, in spite of the film’s mixed critical reception. Already the second-highest grossing movie in the franchise after Kong: Skull Island, despite having not yet properly opened in multiple markets due to the covid-19 pandemic, response to the film has bolstered Legendary’s hopes for the series after the box office disappointment of Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Although no details were solidly confirmed as to just who in the slate of kaiju Wingard could get his hands on for a future project, THR intriguingly hints that one potential idea being talked about for the director’s return focuses on neither Godzilla nor Kong. Instead, the aptly named Son of Kong project would focus on the latter’s offspring. Hopefully the humans will be better in this one?

We’ll bring you more on Legendary’s plans for the Monsterverse as and when we learn them.

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The Mad Profit Of The Airwaves

Odd that I think of the “mixed critical reception” in the same way I thought the response to Pacific Rim: it’s kaiju fighting mecha. Did anyone go in expecting to hear “Is this a dagger I see before me?”

Granted, I get annoyed by sheer magnificent displays of stupidity (Until Dawn takes place in Alberta during winter and no one has appropriate clothing?? Canadians are not that stupid!) but still. Giant monsters! Giant robots!