Godzilla Vomits Up An Entire Car In This Ridiculous Commercial

You know how awesome and ominous the new Godzilla movie's been looking? You know Godzilla seems like a terrifying force of nature humanity can never control? Well, chuck all that out the window because the King of the Monsters sold his dignity to Fiat to make this commercial.


Really? "Hungry for Italian"? Did you learn nothing from your 1998 movie, big guy? You can't do comedy because it wrecks your whole image. It's really tough to be scared of a giant monster who could easily kill himself by snacking on the wrong car and choking to death.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.



I'm hoping the 'Didn't actually happen' fine print towards the end was the work of a bored and cheeky editor who couldn't believe he had to cut all this shit together. And not, you know, an actual clarification the audience needed.